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May 2021

Viridian Solar is pleased to announce the appointment of SOllOS ( as the exclusive distributor of Clearline fusion roof integrated solar PV systems in Australia.

Clearline fusion PV panels  were accredited by Clean Energy Council (CEC) in April and are now approved as suitable for installation under the Australian Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme (SRES).

SOllOS was formed specifically to market and distribute Clearline fusion throughout Australia by a team of experienced business executives with a proven track record of growing technology companies.  With a mission “to bring beautiful solar performance and design to every Australian home”, SOllOS is already engaging high end installers and specifiers and will be completing their first installations in June.  Clearline fusion is one of the first integrated solar PV systems to be launched in this sun drenched country. 

SOllOS will focus on delivering a differentiated premium solar panel system based on Clearline fusion to new-build and re-roofing markets. Headquartered in the Northern Beaches area of Sydney, the first customers are expected to homeowners and developers of housing in the metropolitan areas on the Eastern seaboard.

Jamie Berryman, CSO at Viridian Solar commented, “when we met the SOllOS team we were impressed not only by their background and ideas for approaching the market, but also how they shared our passion for renewable energy. We are thrilled to be opening a new market for premium roof-integrated solar in Australia, proving once again the demand for Clearline fusion in international markets. “

Don Holley, Director and Founder, at SOllOS added, “we live in the lucky country and enjoy one of the sunniest and most favourable climates in the world. With government support for the adoption of solar energy, more than 20% of households have installed solar PV, yet many homeowners and architects have been waiting for aesthetically pleasing solar systems to complement their design and investment.  Clearline fusion delivers on that promise and will accelerate adoption of solar in the premium segment of the market.  The team at Viridian have been exceptionally professional and supportive with their assistance in setting up SOllOS, and we are excited about working with Viridian Solar to make Clearline fusion the panel of choice for Australian homes.”


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Viridian Solar Press Contact: Rhian Di Marco,  +44 (0)1480 831501

SOllOS Press Contact: Don Holley, +61 2 94501234

Notes to editors

About Viridian Solar
Viridian Solar is an innovative Cambridge-based designer and manufacturer of solar photovoltaic products.  It is best known for low profile, roof integrated Clearline fusion range of PV solar panels.

About SOllOS
SOllOS is a privately held company founded in 2020 to provide Australians with beautifully integrated solar solutions for their homes.  We are excited about the technological advances in solar energy, from panels, to storage and onward to renewable energy software solutions.  We believe in the environmental benefits and commercial viability of solar for every household and are proud to be the exclusive distributors of Clearline fusion in Australia. 
Our head office is in Sydney, NSW and we work exclusively with premium installers, architects and developers serving new build and retrofit residential markets across Australia. 
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