About Sollos

Bringing solar performance and design to Australian homes.

Sollos was founded in 2020 to provide Australians with beautifully integrated solar solutions for their homes. Solar just makes so much sense in Australia. We live in the lucky country and enjoy one of the sunniest and most favourable climates in the world. Our government supports the adoption of solar energy and more than 2 million households, or a little more than 20%, have adopted solar PV so far. That’s going to grow fast.

We are excited about the technological advances in solar energy, from panels, to storage and onward to renewable energy software solutions. We believe in the environmental benefits and commercial viability of solar for every household in Australia. For most Australians our homes are our biggest investment, it is where we raise our families and a great source of pride. We have a love affair with home improvements and a majority of us invest in home renovations to improve the overall value of our properties. According to public surveys, we would rather spend money on home improvements than a holiday. We all love our homes. And we at Sollos live to help our fellow Aussies add value to their homes with building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems.

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Durable BIPV for Australia

Durable for Australia, tested and passed up to +85C

10 Years Warranty

10 years Product and 25 years performance warranty

Panel Efficiency

Panel efficiency of 20.7% to 21%, enabling higher output and greater energy yields

Globally Trusted

40,000 systems installed globally

Around the World

200,000 panels generating solar energy around the world

Fire Rated

Highest resistance to spread of flame and fire penetration in all European fire safety tests, achieving BRoof T1, T2, T3 and T4, meeting all Australian standards

Our Mission

To bring beautiful solar performance and design to every Australian home.

Australians deserve the best integrated solar solutions available in for their homes.  It is our mission to provide homeowners and builders with an aesthetically pleasing and high-performance solar panel that is easy to install as well as a cost-effective alternative to conventional panel racking solutions.

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Meet Our Team

Our experienced local team provides the perfect mix of design expertise, solar experience and technological nous to help you find the perfect solution to improve your home. We can’t wait to assist you, so please connect and let us know how we can help.

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